Dr. K B Chandrasekhar


Dr. Chandrasekhar is an entrepreneurial icon in Silicon Valley’s Indian community. He founded Exodus Communications in 1994 and the company went public in 1998 as one of the most successful IPOs.

KB Chandrasekhar is a co-founder of e4e inc., which is a global technology holding company and full-service operating enterprise. He is also co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Jamcracker, Inc., an on-demand software company, as well as Chairman of Aztec Software, a publicly traded company on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Dr. Chandrasekhar co-founded the Anna University – K.B. Chandrasekhar Research Centre to address the need for research and development in the areas of information technology and life sciences. The research center works with Svapas, an innovation center to commercialize research into marketable products.

K.B. Chandrasekhar is an alumnus of Anna University. The university recently awarded him an honorary Doctor of Science degree in recognition of his achievements and outstanding contributions to the field of IT and promotion of research and development in India.